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What type of face paint do you use?

All of our Face paints are FDA Approved and cosmetic-grade Face paint that is made specifically for use on the skin.  Just because a paint is labeled "non-toxic" or “washable” does not mean it is safe for use on the skin, especially for children. Other types of paint and markers can cause serious skin reactions and allergies. You can rest assured that our Face painter only use the safest and highest grade Face paint available for the face and body.



What do you need to set up?

 Table and 2 chairs are needed for the setup. If outdoors, please ensure there is a shaded area available for our face painter.



How many faces can you paint in one hour?

We have best Face painter in Toronto this will depend on the design. Complicated or full face paintings take longer than cheek art or eye designs. On average our Face painter can paint about 10-12 detailed designs per hour.




How do you remove the Face paint?

Removing the paint is very simple, since the face paints are water-based. Just use a baby wipe or wet paper towel/washcloth and wipe it off. Most of the paint will be removed just like that. If any of the paint is still left behind, just use hand, face, or baby wash with warm water on a washcloth and wipe again.




How old do you have to be to get face painted?

This depends on the child and how well they can sit still to be painted. We recommend children to be at least two years old to get face painted. younger children can get painted on their arms or hands as an option.





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